Messaging/Comms Videos

Keep your messaging clear and simple by making use of video content.

When you need to get a specific message across to your audience – either internally or externally – one of the most direct and impactful ways to do it is with a video. Research has repeatedly shown the effectiveness of visual content to hold people’s attention and present content in a way they will remember.

There are various scenarios in which the clear advantages of video as a form of communication can prove highly important for your business. Companies that have not embraced video before can find it a daunting prospect, but with professionals on side it’s a straightforward process.

Product launches

If you’re working on a big product launch and you’re keen to drum up as much attention and excitement as possible, then a series of videos introducing the product and outlining its benefits can deliver great engagement. This type of video content is more likely to be shared, which helps to spread your message.

Thought leadership

You might also want to use video to articulate your company’s position on a particular theme or trend that’s dominating your industry right now. If there’s lots of discussion going on and you’re keen to get involved in it, some well-made messaging videos will certainly help you get your point across.

Search engines reward video

Video encourages longer and more numerous pageviews, signalling to search engines that your content is valuable and engaging. Adding your video to YouTube and other social media taps into those channels’ search engines too, making it more visible. From there, the potential for social shares is limitless.

Email campaigns

Video is an effective tool in email campaigns, with subject lines that contain the word ‘video’ helping to drive open rates. Using messaging videos in this way can also increase clickthrough rates by between 200 and 300 per cent, making them well worth investing in.

Internal videos

It’s not just external comms that can benefit from video. It can be just as useful and effective when you need to distribute messages internally, whether that’s to provide an update on how the company is performing, offer guidance on your strategy direction or thank your workforce for recent achievements.